Farm to Table Dinners

The Old Red Barn Proudly Supports Local Farmers And Is Passionate About Agriculture Education.

Authentic 1950’s Barn

The Old Red Barn was formally used 20+ years ago as a milking barn for dairy cows. It was brought to life again in 2017 with a new purpose: Farm to Table Dinners. Rustic handmade tables, original wood beams and elegant chandeliers give the barn a timeless feeling. The two giant sliding windows of the barn gives guests the opportunity to overlook the farm, and watch the dairy cows & horses graze under the setting sun.

Country Dining Experience

The Old Red Barn is passionate about supporting local farmers and wants to tell the story of the farmer. Guests meet local farmers, learning how food gets from farm to fork and leave feeling reconnected back to the farm.

Featured Chefs

The Old Red Barn hosts talented chefs from Edmonton & the surrounding area that prepare a high quality multi course meals using locally farm fresh produce. We partnered with a few fantastic restaurants; Chartier, Kitchen By Brad, and Villa Bistro who create and prepare delicious seasonal rotating menus for each dinner.

Our Mission

To Be An Industry Leader In Rural Tourism By
Connecting Consumers To Farmers Through Experiences
That Increase Public Trust In Food.

2022 Farm Dinner Dates:


Saturday July 17- Leduc Ag Tour, Beef & Dairy Family Learning Experience- Click Here

Thursday July 21- Villa Bistro Feat. Lazuli Farms- Click Here

“Save The Dates” (Not On Sale Yet): 

Sunday August 14- Chartier “Dairy Dream”- Open Farm Days 

Thursday August 18- Villa Bistro Feat. Chatsworth Farms

Tuesday September 6- Chartier

Tuesday October 4 -Chartier


Farm to Flame- A live fire dining experience. For more info click HERE

" I loved the attention to details such as the flowers and the way the food was presented. It created an amazing visual experience. The blend of food flavors was amazing. It was really a sensorial experience!"

— Guest, June 17 2019, Chartier Farm To Table Dinner

“Thank you for allowing such an event at your barn. We are from a small rural community and now live in the big city. It was nice to come reconnect!”

 — Guest, July 7 2018, Kitchen by Brad, Farm To Table Dinner

“Perfect! Fantastic location with incredible food.”

 — Guest, July 30 2018, Chartier Farm To Table Dinner

“The ambience, the architecture, the flowers, the people, the music, the food, the sky, the sunset…Do you want me to go on?”

 — Guest, August 19 2018, Chartier Farm To Table Dinner

“We loved the stories from all the local farmers. The food was fantastic. We loved the entire experience.“

— Guest, August 8 2018,Bison & Elk Farm To Table Dinner

What You Can Expect From A Farm To Table Dinner:

1. Plenty of food! Locally sourced from farms surrounding Edmonton.

2. Meet new friends as you dine together on one long table

3. Meet your farmer: Learn about how your food gets from farm to table from the farmer themselves

4. Unique atmosphere: our 1950’s barn overlooking Whitemud Creek provides a one of a kind setting to enjoy a date night or night out with friends

5. Take home incredible memories of your experience