Beef Box


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Whats in the box? Beef Beef Beef!! From Blue Ridge Farms located in Blue Ridge, AB.

  • 2 x Ground Beef (1+ lb packs)
  • 1x Jalapeño Smokies (4pk)
  • 1x Regular smokies (4pk)
  • 1 x Beef Roast Sirloin Tip or Round 2-3vlbs)
  • 1 x Beef Dinner Sausages (4/pack)
  • 1x Beef Breakfast Sausages
  • 1 x Garlic Ring
  • 2 x Angus Burgers  (6/pack, 1/4 lb patties)

Pick up every Sunday from 1-3pm at Old Red Barn


  1. ** Box subject to product availability. Items are by weight so may be subject to substitutions or deductions
  2. Sausages & Garlic Ring are 70% Beef and 30% Pork.
  3. Attention Celiacs: The breakfast sausages contain wheat crumb, but all other sausage items in this box do not contain added gluten. But please note they are made in a facility that handles spices that may contain gluten, so there is a chance of gluten floating around in the air. If if you are a severe celiac, please keep this in mind. Blue Ridge has a daughter who is Celiac, so they take this very seriously.